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Former BBC journalist Katty Kay Trevelyan joins Reparatory Justice Movement for the Caribbean

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Katty Kay Trevelyan, a former BBC journalist known for her 30-year career and Emmy-winning show, BBC World News America, has left her position to support the reparatory justice movement in the Caribbean.

She acknowledged that her family’s social and professional standing is likely tied to their slave-owning past, and they apologized to Grenada last month for their ancestors owning over 1,000 slaves.

Trevelyan plans to use her storytelling skills and public platform to raise awareness about the legacy of colonialism in the Caribbean and advocate for reparatory justice. She believes that her unique position as a descendant of slave owners and her willingness to confront challenging questions make her a suitable candidate for the role. After traveling to Grenada and producing a documentary about her family’s slave trade history, Trevelyan came to understand the ongoing impact of slavery, such as Grenada’s high rates of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes, which she traced back to colonialism.

During her visit last month, she donated a £100,000 ($121,000) reparatory fund and received forgiveness from Grenada’s prime minister, who hopes that this will be a turning point in the movement for reparatory justice.

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