Did Johnny Depp help Amber Heard get Aquaman role?

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Did Johnny Depp help Amber Heard get Aquaman role?

By soothing Warner Bros., Johnny Depp claimed he helped Amber Heard earn the role of Mera alongside Jason Momoa in Aquaman.

Did Johnny Depp help Amber Heard get Aquaman role?

Heard has been insistent throughout the trial about how Depp’s allegations have reportedly caused a significant hitch in her acting career.

She has also claimed that her role in the planned Aquaman sequel has been significantly reduced as a result of the allegations, and that the company didn’t want her to appear in the film at all.

Depp was asked to reflect on Heard’s audition process for the first Aquaman picture when he returned to the witness stand in the courtroom.

Depp testified in court about Warner Bros. informing Heard that the picture would be shot in Australia, which could have been a problem for her.

Depp couldn’t confirm that he was the reason for Heard’s casting as Mera in Aquaman, but he did confess that he “allayed their fears” about working with her.

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