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DC Universe undergoes growing pains as James Gunn takes the helm

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The DC Universe has undergone significant changes, with James Gunn at the helm of the new regime. Despite the excitement around the new slate of movies, including the upcoming “Superman: Legacy” film, there are growing pains as the old guard fades away.

One of the first bumps in the road was the disappointing box office opening of “Shazam 2,” which is projected to make just $30 million domestically. This could be a bad sign for Zachary Levi’s future in Gunn’s DC world. With “Aquaman 2” and “The Flash” still to be released, it remains to be seen how they will fare.

Meanwhile, fans of Zack Snyder’s work are celebrating the two-year anniversary of his “Justice League” movie, affectionately known as the “Snyder Cut.” They are still hoping for more of Snyder’s superhero content, with some even calling on Warner Bros. to release the rights to Zack’s creations to Netflix.

Despite the desire for Snyder’s return, it seems unlikely, and there is even speculation that Snyder himself may be moving on to other projects. However, Ben Affleck recently praised Snyder in a new THR profile, reminding fans of the director’s talents.

In the end, the DC Universe has some big shoes to fill, and the process of starting over from scratch is long and complicated. While it remains to be seen how successful the new slate of movies will be, fans continue to hold out hope for the return of some of their favorite heroes and directors.

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