Meet our wonderful and hardworking team made up of Ghanafuo (Ghanaians).
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1. David!

David Mawuli

Yo, yo, yo! This is David Mawuli, the founder of and one troublesome negus you don’t wanna mess with. But I am fun to be with and all the time goofy!

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Facebook: @davidmawuligh
Twitter: @davidmawuli
Instagram: @davidmawuli

2. Christiana!

Christiana Arthur

Meet Christiana Arthur, editor at, a young, wild and free, and very much determined to make things happen. I’m a blogger, writer and a learner of many other things.

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Facebook: @KristinaAmaArthur
Twitter: @obaapa_de_cuteest
Instagram: @obaapa_de_cuteest

3. Ayeh!

Ayeh Offei-Akoto

Meet Ayeh Offei-Akoto, editor at and a blogger who has an interest in tourism, social change and entertainment. I believe that you only live once so you need to make the best out of every opportunity. My favourite quote is ‘I will prepare and someday my chance will come’.

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Facebook: @nanaquabena.ayeh  
Twitter: @iamayehoffei  
Instagram: @iamayehoffei

And oh, nice meeting you too. Thanks for passing by!!!!!!!!!