Billie Gadsdon top movies, TV shows and awards

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Billie Gadsdon  top movies and TV shows

Top Movies:

  • Tolkien (2019) – Gadsdon played the young Edith Bratt, the wife of J.R.R. Tolkien in this biopic about the author’s life.
  • The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses (2016) – She played Young Elizabeth in the adaptation of Shakespeare’s plays about the wars between the houses of Lancaster and York.
  • The Beast Must Die (2021) – Gadsdon played a supporting role in this thriller series about a mother who seeks revenge for her son’s death.

Top TV Shows:

  • The Witcher (2021) – Gadsdon played Princess Cirilla (Ciri) in the second season of this popular fantasy series on Netflix.
  • Anne with an E (2018) – She played Sophia in the second season of this adaptation of the classic novel “Anne of Green Gables”.
  • Silent Witness (2018) – She appeared in an episode of this long-running crime drama series on the BBC.

Billie Gadsdon  awards and nominations

Billie Gadsdon has not won any major awards yet, but she has been praised for her performances in various TV shows and movies. In 2021, she was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series along with the cast of “The Witcher”.