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Aqib Talib house: Where does Aqib Talib live?

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Ex-NFL star Aqib Talib’s brother Yaqub wanted in Texas

The brother of former NFL player Aqib Talib has reportedly turned himself to the police after being accused of killing a youth football coach over the weekend.

Following this development, many have asked questions in connection to where the 36-year-old American cornerback resides at the moment.

Aqib Talib house: Where does Aqib Talib live?

As of this writing where he actually lives in his Allen home. Aqib Talib is the owner of the 6443-square-foot estate. It is his winter residence.

Yaqub Salik Talib, his 39-year-old brother is suspected of killing Michael Hickmon, 43, during a game in Lancaster, Texas, on Saturday (August 13). Police have launched a manhunt for him.

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Talib was sought by Lancaster police on suspicion of killing a young football coach at a youth football game for under-9s. According to reports, Hickmon, who coached the Dragon Elite Academy squad, was shot three times in front of his nine-year-old son, who was participating on one of the teams.

Emergency personnel transported him quickly to Methodist Central Hospital, where he was later declared dead.

However, the good news reaching us is that he handed himself in today(august 15)  to the police so he may tell his side of the story.

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