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Animal rights activist bashes Gordon Ramsay over his dinner

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Animal rights activist bashes Gordon Ramsay over his dinner

Gordon Ramsay – a British chef, restaurateur, television personality, and writer has been on the news after he shared a TikTok video that saw him enter a lamb pen and chose one he wanted to slaughter.

In the said video which has close to 10 million views and 1 million likes, he could be heard saying “Which one’s going in the oven first?” as the flock of lambs stands watching. He then points to one and says, “You,”

The video has set tongues wagging on the internet with some animal lovers bashing him for posting the said video on the internet. With a lot of reactions from some animal lovers, one lady’s reaction to the said video is also going viral.

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The lady whose identity is yet to be confirmed is seen in a video saying those lambs have lives but it going to be or have been cut short so their bodies can be dismembered and shoved into an oven. She went ahead to lament that “harming animals is never okay.”

Despite the bashes, none of the lambs shown were slaughtered for Ramsay’s dinner.

Source: Ghanafuo

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