About Us

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Established on Thursday, March 17, Ghanafuo is an Akan word which is literally  translated as “Ghanaians” or “Citizens of Ghana”.

In this era of internet and the influx of new media. It is only appropriate we share success stories, breaking news, sarcastic and smashing comments, cries and woes of the ordinary Ghanaian with the world.

We are of the firm belief that, blogging has the ability of being the voice for voiceless, which will in the end effect changes in our world.

Majority of the news portals now, are much concerned with putting out what the people at the top say but our approach to news reportage is a “bottom-up” one. We believe the cry of the ordinary man and the views of the social media commentator is newsworthy.

Ghanafuo will mostly serve its readers with stories shared on social media platforms – from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to YouTube and all the others.

Withl top notch social media peeps and bloggers, you are assured of a dose of what’s trending in Ghana from politics to entertainment.

Ghanafuo is not associated with satire — we put out only stories or comments that are factual. We share with the public and authorities what Ghanaians are saying on the streets and on social media.

Mission Statement
1. To serve as the official mouthpiece of social media dwellers to the authorities.
2. To help expand citizen journalism through social media.
3. To bring wrongdoings of social media users to light (Report spams, fraud accounts and more).
4. To become number one trusted blog in Ghana.