Social media users tell us how people of Kumasi will certainly use their new shopping mall


At the more

Yesterday, the Kumasi City Mall was opened for public use.

The mall has come to add more colour to Kumasi and will help boost the economy of the place and also hand the youth from the area some bragging rights when they have arguments with their peers.

However, users of social media keep teasing the people of Kumasi on what they have described as ignorance since host of marvelous things purportedly happened at the mall.

1. Trolley turns into market basket

Trolley turns basket

 2. Certainly sisters will sell out and betray the English language

 3. And the sheep and goat sellers association will never want to be left out in any way

4. The escalator will certainly look new after 10 years of usage because the alternative route will always be used.


5. After several training on what the trolley is used for, still the Kumasi man will use it as a basket 


6. And there will certainly be street hawking at the mall.



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