5 delicious meals you will surely get to enjoy in Kumasi

When people visit Kumasi, we all know there is one food they normally want to taste before they leave and that is fufu. But what some of you dont know is that, there are other tasty delicacies you will surely get to enjoy.

These are foods many people like but probably don’t always prepare it or even get to buy, but when you go to Kumasi, you will get to enjoy it as many times as you want.

Below are a list of five foods you won’t miss when you visit Kumasi.

1. Fufu
You cannot go to Kumasi without visiting a fufu joint. Its a norm.

2. Abunuabunu (Kontomire soup)
This is one soup people dont normally get to taste but you are guaranteed to get to enjoy it when you touch down in Kumasi.

3. Plantain with kontomire (Ampesi)
One common dish my Kumasianos like to prepare. You wont miss it when you get there.

4. Nuhu (mpotormpotor made with cocoyam)
Personal favourite. When you taste this food in Kumasi, you will always go back for more.

5. 3tor (mashed yam with egg and groundnut)
This is one dish which is not hard to get in Kumasi. Just ask where.

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