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MPs open up about growing financial pressures and health challenges

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Members of Parliament in Ghana are facing increasing financial pressures due to the additional responsibilities they have taken on beyond their core function of lawmaking and constituency representation.

These additional tasks include attending funerals, paying medical and school fees, and other duties that are taking a toll on their finances and health.

Some MPs have expressed that the job is becoming increasingly stressful, prompting a discussion on the floor about how they can maintain a better quality of life during their tenure and after they finish serving. This comes as a response to the challenges they face in balancing their legislative duties with the demands of their constituents and the community.

The issue of financial pressures affecting MPs is a growing concern that needs to be addressed to ensure that they can effectively fulfill their roles and responsibilities. The well-being of MPs is crucial for the effective functioning of Parliament and the delivery of services to the people of Ghana.

As the conversation around the challenges facing MPs continues, it is important to find sustainable solutions that support their well-being and ensure that they can carry out their duties effectively. This includes providing adequate support systems and resources to help MPs navigate the financial pressures and demands of their roles.

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