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Ghana needs better sets for theatre productions, says Omar Sherrif Captan

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Ghanaian actor Omar Sherrif Captan recently voiced his support for enhancing productivity in Ghana’s theatre scene.

While acknowledging a growing interest in theatre, Captan highlighted the need for better sets and realism in productions.

During the press launch of Latif Abubakar’s new play ‘The Licence,’ Captan emphasized the importance of quality sets, costumes, and props to elevate the audience’s experience.

“We still have a long way to go in terms of our sets. We still have to build good sets for our performances. We still have to have good costumes and then bring real props on set. The stage should be available for us to bring real props on set. We bring cars, bikes, horses, animals, so many things on set to make it realistic. We need a lot of realism on set,” he noted.

He discussed the challenges and excitement of featuring in an Afrocentric adaptation of Luigi Pirandello’s work, set to premiere at the Accra International Conference Center in May 2024.

The play which is being adapted into an Afrocentric version for the first time by myself and the team at Globe Productions Limited will show at the Accra International Conference Center on the 4th, 5th, and 6th May, 2024.

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