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Bullet slams hypocrites asking him to sign the new ‘Ebony’

Ebony and manager Bullet
The late Ebony and Bullet

Rufftown Records CEO, Bullet has blasted people he termed as hypocrites for suggesting he signs a girl who went viral some time ago after she sounded a lot like the late Ebony Reigns.

Bullet who has constantly faced backlash for making his artists portray profanity in songs and videos did not take kindly to the suggestions.

He has also been accused of allowing his current artist Wendy Shay also follow the trend of using ‘dirty’ lyrics in her songs.

He took to his Instagram and posted a throwback picture with the late singer Ebony and captioned: “so lately i hv been getting messages on my phone and inbox”,lot of ppl are asking me to sign a girl who talk and sing like my late artist ebony reigns and this had got me thinking.these are the same ppl that said bullet was too quick to bring out a new artist, and these same ppl been attacking my new artist wendy shay saying she is trying to sing and act like ebony reigns even though y’all know she is different.If you guys are attacking wendy shay cos you claim she is trying to be like ebony reigns then why are you all forcing me to sign another artist who sing and talk like ebony reigns?chale we for stop this hypocritical life oo

He posted this:

The recent viral video doing rounds of an unnamed young woman talking and sounding eerily like the late Ebony.

Watch the video below and share your comments.

WAIT! Is she trying to be Ebony? 😩😩😩 . #ghanafuo #ebonyreigns

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But she does sound like Ebony though.

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