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Is Sara Evans still alive?

Sara Evans

Sara Lynn Evans was born on February 5, 1971, in Boonville, Missouri, and grew up on a farm with her six siblings.

Her extended family established a band, with her as the main vocalist. At the age of eight, she experienced a tragedy that inspired her to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.

She was obliged to sit in a wheelchair and sing to pay for her medical costs after a car accident.

Evans was a club performer in a nightclub in Columbia, Missouri, by the age of 16. When she was 20, she came to Nashville, Tennessee with the hopes of becoming a better musician.

When she met fellow musician Craig Schelske, whom she eventually married in 1993, she saw an opportunity. Evans and Schelske spent some time in Oregon.

After a brief stay in Oregon, Evans and Schelske returned to Nashville and began recording demos. “Tiger by the Tail,” one of them, got her a recording deal with RCA Nashville.

Evans had to leave “Dancing with the Stars” to deal with her tumultuous divorce with Evans, which was tainted by adultery charges.

Evans married Jay Barker, a former quarterback for the University of Alabama, in 2008, a year after his divorce was finalized.

Is Sara Evans still alive?

Yes, Sara is still alive minding her business and producing good music for her fans. Disregard any rumor about her death on social media platforms.

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