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Neil Ruddock health: Is Neil Ruddock dead or alive?

Neil Ruddock
Neil Ruddock

Neil Ruddock born May 9, 1968 is a retired professional player, tv host, and actor from Britain. 

He played as a centre defender from 1986 to 2003. He made his professional debut at the age of 13 for Millwall.

He later featured for Tottenham Hotspur, Southampton, Liverpool, West Ham United, Crystal Palace, Queens Park Rangers, and Swindon Town during his 17-year career path. He made his professional debut at the age of 13 for Millwall.

He later featured for Tottenham Hotspur, Southampton, Liverpool, West Ham United, Crystal Palace, Queens Park Rangers, and Swindon Town during his 17 year career path. Britain only gave him one cap and that was in 1994.

Ruddock came back into active football in  2015 to play for Wellingborough Whitworth in the United Counties League.

Neil Ruddock health: Is Neil Ruddock dead or alive?

However, after a career filled with alcohol, the star’s health quickly took a deadly turn. Ruddock is thankfully alive after undergoing a life-changing heart surgery at the time. He told the media that he was ‘dead for a minute’ during the surgery.

Ruddock received the procedure after physicians reported that his resting heart rate was at least 130 beats per minute, when it should have been in the 60s or 70s.

He revealed his doctors’ statements in an interview saying. “‘We got you just in time. I’m simply pleased I didn’t develop dementia as a result of chasing too many balls.”

The revitalized Ruddock currently accepts reservations for motivational speeches or video chats via soccerspeaker.co.uk.

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