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Is Kangol Kid dead or alive?

Kangol Kid

Kangol Kid, an American dancer and entertainer, has been confirmed dead.

He was born in Brooklyn on August 10, 1966, to Shaun Shiller Fequiere and grew up in the East Flatbush area. His father, Andre, was a cab driver, while his mother, Jean, worked as a hospital maid.

He began his career as a B-boy or breakdancer; he and a neighborhood buddy, Doctor Ice, formed the Keystone Dancers and performed with the early-1980s rap duo Whodini, notably on the New York City Fresh Fest tour, and with Full Force.

They went on Phil Donahue’s talk program and were invited to dance at Dustin Hoffman’s daughter’s birthday party.

He got his reputation before he became famous because he was known for wearing Kangol hats, and he was eventually sponsored by the firm- one of the hip-first hop’s brand collaborations.

Kid was strongly linked with cancer groups during the previous decade. The American Cancer Society acknowledged him in 2012 for his fundraising efforts as co-founder of the Mama Luke Foundation. In February, he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Is Kangol Kid dead or alive?

He died on December 18, 2021. His parents, three brothers, Joel, Andy, and Alix (all of whom were mentioned in UTFO’s Lisa Lips), three sons, T.Shaun, Andre, Giovanni, a daughter, Amancia and seven grandkids survived the legend.

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