It was tough the first two weeks of lockdown – MzVee reveals

MzVee on lockdown
MzVee on lockdown

The lockdown and self-quarantine has been a tough period for afro-pop/afro-dancehall songstress MzVee.

Millions of Ghanaians are on self-quarantine even though the government has lifted the ban on restriction on movement, and many of them who are on social media have shared their difficult experiences.

But according to the “Come and See My Moda” hitmaker, it was tough in the first two weeks of the lockdown.

“Never been home this long without moving around for work like this before,” she revealed in an Instagram post on Monday, May 11.

Despite the difficulties she faced in the first two weeks, she acknowledges that things are getting better.

“It was tough the first 2 weeks of lockdown but it gets easier.”

She advised her lovers and social media followers saying, “stay safe guys.”

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