I tried FC Skin and Beauty Klinik’s Facial Treatment and here are the reasons it is a must for everyone!



As a working mother in Ghana, there are times that I literally forget that I matter too. During those periods my skin looks like a mess. It is not as bad as others but it is not the best. A day with FC skin and beauty Klinik made me realise that I should show my skin more love.

Everybody needs the FC skin and Beauty Klinik facial treatment this festive season

The last quarter of the year has been stressful juggling between work, meeting with business partners and spending time with intelligent children as part of my Book Per Child project.

Portia Arthur durin
Portia Arthur preaches about the importance of reading

I was very elated when FC skin and Beauty Klinik invited me for facial treatment. On the regular, I will choose DIY (Do it yourself) home remedies over making time to go out and go to places like spas and the like, but after my day at FC skin and beauty Klinik, I realised taking care of your skin is like haircuts: you trust a professional to cut your hair, why don’t you do the same for your face?

The FC group has opened a new and ultra-modern outfit in East Legon and the ambience is just serene and welcoming. The beautiful girls gave me a warm reception before I headed to the room where the magic was done on me.

Ayam, the esthetician who gave me the superwoman treatment was so friendly and explained every procedure in details. She took my medical records before deciding on the types of products to use for my skin type. I don’t know if that is done everywhere, but that won my heart!

We began the hour-long procedure by cleansing my face to remove any dirt accumulated on my face.

I have been many events lined up till the end of the year and I definitely need a soft and glowing skin for my face beats. I was super excited during this stage because exfoliating is a necessity in every skincare routine. It helps keep pores clean and prevent clogging and ingrown hairs.

Steaming and extraction


This was very relaxing for me, not thinking about how to remove blackheads without injuring my skin. It lasted a total of 10 minutes, clearing the pores for the next step.
Ayam of course, explaining what she’s doing to me every step of the way.

Toning and brightening serum
I have always had a toner in my skincare basket but because of everything else on my plate, i hardly use it. However, my friendly esthetician reiterated why I shouldn’t joke with my skincare routine. Toners skin pores restore your skin’s pH balances and refresh your skin. I must confess, the FC brightening serum does wonders and that is the perfect gift for all friends this festive season. It revives dull skin and diminishes dark spots.

Green tea mask

Ayam applies the green tea face mask

To be honest, I didn’t quite understand why she applied green tea facemask on my face. What happened to all the fancy ones trending on Instagram? However, she explained to me that green tea is chock full of antioxidants which means it can calm skin inflammation. Acne is a sign of inflammation in the skin so using a skincare product with green tea in it will help to calm acne-prone skin.

Some years ago, I wrote an article about the pain of beauty. And yes, the injectables was worth the pain. After all, no pain no gain.

The FC skinfood is a must-have for all; men, women and children. It rejuvenates your skin and acts as a moisturiser.

After everything that happened to my face and skin at FC Skin and Beauty Klinik and all that I have learnt: my Christmas just got extra smooth and clear like my skin.

I am a proud FC convert and I’m not going back.

Portia Arthur
Mother, Writer, Author


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