Yvonne Nelson roasted on Twitter for sharing ‘unpopular’ view on ‘Sex for Grades’ documentary

Yvonne Nelson

Ace Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson is currently facing unbridled attacks on Twitter due to a view she shared on the trending Sex for Grades documentary by the BBC.

In the past few days, numerous Ghanaians and other Africans have been reacting to the BBC Documentary which was targeted at lecturers who were alleged by many persons to be habitually involved in sexual harassment against their female students.

One of the many celebrities who have taken to Twitter  to also share their views on the documentary is actress Yvonne Nelson.

The latter part of Yvonne Nelson’s tweet above, appears to have been understood by many Twitter users to be an imposition of the blame on some ladies who end up as victims of sexual harassment.

Below are some sizzling reactions to Yvonne Nelson’s controversial tweet:






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