LISTEN UP! Rising artiste Miss Weirdy out with “Jamaica Gyal”

Miss Weirdy
Miss Weirdy

Versatile rising musician Miss Weirdy attempts to connect Ghana and Jamaica on her latest single, titled “Jamaica Gyal”.

The song is produced by Miss Weirdy and the Royalty Respect management from the US.

Weirdy, who can effortlessly combine hip-hop, reggae-dancehall, trap, soul with conscious lyrics, proved why she’s into the game for a long time on the mid-tempo jam.

“I like to mix it up,” she said in a press statement.

Miss Weirdy is a queer female artiste who is here to raise the planet’s frequency by spreading the message of love and Africanism through music and arts.

Miss weirdy, born and raised in Austria, embarks on a pilgrimage back to her father’s root in Jamaica and makes a discovery that most Jamaicans belief they are from Ghana.

Upon realisation, she visited Ghana and reconnected with her ancestral lineage and gained the understanding of Africanism and its culture.

The vision for her brand is to be herself. Miss Weirdy stands for everything that is “different” to the mass; for understanding, acceptance, love and unity. She wants to bring back the magic of this human experience.

“I want people to see that life itself is a gift. No matter how ‘weird’ you are, you are perfect this way and you are here to go after your dreams,” she stated.

Her vision is to leave mother earth more beautiful behind than she was when she arrived and hopes to do that through her spreading her music.

Enjoy the full song below.

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