Manasseh Azure quits Multimedia Group


Ace investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni has announced his resignation from Multimedia Group.

Manasseh announced his departure from Multimedia Group in a letter he released on Saturday, 3rd August, 2019. The 2012 GJA Journalist of the Year thanked the management of Multimedia for giving him the opportunity to work for the media outlet. He also expressed his appreciation to the audience of Multimedia and all persons who supported him in diverse ways during his tenure with the widely known media outlet.

Manasseh joined Multimedia in November 2012. Before joining them, he was practicing as a freelance journalist. Following his resignation from Multimedia, Manasseh has disclosed that he will be returning to freelancing.

Manasseh Azure Awuni has been facing a host of criticisms recently owing to the famous “militia” documentary he released few months ago. Over the years, he has been commended for uncovering allegedly corrupt activities of national interest in a number of exposés.

Read his full resignation letter here:


I wish to announce my resignation from The Multimedia Group.
I thank management of company for the opportunity to work with what in my view is the most credible, influential, impactful and daring media organistion in Ghana. I thank them for their support and encouragement all these years. It is no doubt that if I were to work again in a media house in Ghana, I would choose The Multimedia Group.
I also wish to thank all who have supported me in diverse ways since November 2012 when I joined The Multimedia Group. To the audience of The Multimedia Group and the sources who helped me in my work, I am eternally grateful.
I will continue to serve Ghana as a freelance investigative journalist and dedicate more time to the writing of books.
Manasseh Azure Awuni

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