You are a fool – Shatta Wale jabs Ignis of 4Syte

Shatta Wale

Dancehall musician Shatta Wale has put 4Syte on blast for asking him to share a flyer for his new video premiere.

The controversial singer went in on Ignis of 4syte with nasty comments on Twitter on Thursday, August 1 following the request.

Shatta Wale addressed Ignis as a ‘fool’ and described the shape of his head as a ‘scanner’.

According to the “Ayoo” hitmaker, Mr Ignace premieres foreign music videos for free but expects Ghanaian musicians to share flyers prior to the release on his TV station.

He tweeted (unedited): “Kwasia show my video u say Mek I post flyer, nicki minaj deh post your flyer before you deh play her video ..ignis dierrr gyimiii Nkwaa for that 4Syte der ..ur head like scanner.”

No one knows what triggered the post but it’s clear that it’s the premiere of his latest music video “Melissa”.


An earlier version of this article mentioned the CEO of 4Syte TV. However, Shatta Wale’s post didn’t explicitly mention his full legal name and his TV station. While we correct this error, we apologise to Ignace Hego Kwame, the CEO of 4Syte TV for reading between the lines.


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