Berla Mundi leaves EIB, heads to Media General

Berla Mundi

Renowned TV and radio personality, Berla Addardey, popularly known as Berla Mundi has confirmed her departure from EIB Network. This puts an end to several months of speculation about her departure from the media outlet.

In a letter addressed to EIB Network and its CEO, Bola Ray, Berla Mundi thanked the outlet for giving her the opportunity to harness her strengths and work on her weaknesses. She also expressed he appreciation to her viewers and those who supported her during her tenure at EIB Network and asked them to continue to pray for her at her new destination.

Reports indicate that her new destination is Media General, where she is likely to make an appearance on TV3 as a show host.

Read Berla Mundi’s full letter below”


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Dear @Bolarayofficial and EIB, thank you; thank you for helping me discover my true self, harness my strengths and work on my weaknesses; thank you for providing the most convivial atmosphere to create lasting memories, glue-tight bonds, endless, pure and genuine laughter; thank you for allowing me to share my God-given talent with millions of people across the world. Our journey together consisted of many good moments and I would forever be grateful because you taught me to always view the cup as half-full rather than half empty. ~ ~ Just like every chapter, ours has come to an end much sooner than I would have wanted, but I would forever cherish the family you were to me. I take along with me all the lessons learnt as I begin a new journey with my new family and I hope that with your blessings, I can share the light and positivity with Media General who have by the way, welcomed me with open arms. I do look forward to creating more lasting memories here. ~ ~ To my viewers and those that supported me, continue to pray for me as I promise you an all new experience at my new destination. I leave you with this piece, ‘Everything will make sense someday, so for now, laugh at your mistakes, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything really does happen for a reason’. ~ ~ Like the Pink Carnation, I’ll never forget your impact in my life…..Thank you Bola Ray and EIB. Our paths will cross again. Until then, I wish you God’s blessings. 🙏🏽 ~ ~ PS// I still have a few more episodes on #TheLateAfternoonShow before I leave 😊

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