WATCH: Ypee launches “Operation Feed the Fans” project with new single “Botom” featuring Kofi Mole


Rapper Ypee has been verified on Instagram and to show appreciation, he has released a new single “Botom” featuring Kofi Mole.

A few hours before the premiere, he took to Snapchat to thank his fans for the support and promised them that he will ‘throw big money’ on every stag he performs after he releases the “Botom” song.

“I’m gonna [sic] throw big money on fans after I release Botom, #OperationFeedTheFans,” he wrote on Snapchat.

The Kumasi-based rapper, who drives a $30,000 Camaro, is starting a new campaign themed “Operation Feed the Fans” after dropping “Botom”.

According to him, “Operation Feed the Fans” is a charity project and a way of giving back to the society, and most especially, his fans.

He said will assist in paying fees of his loyal but needy fans, feed them and make sure fans leave his concerts satisfied musically and financially.

He said most people are depressed right now because they have no money in their pockets, which is why he has decided to spray money on fans whenever he climbs the stage.

“Botom” talks about “good life” and how money makes dreams come true.

Watch the “Botom” official video below:

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