Smelly gutters are evil spirits causing the death of Ghanaians – Mayor The Bass Prophet claims

Mayor The Bass Prophet
Mayor The Bass Prophet

Inspirational musician Mayor The Bass Prophet has bemoaned the shocking death of some Ghanaians following the recent flood which swept Accra.

A number of Ghanaians lost their relatives and properties after a flood hit some parts of Accra last month.

But Mayor claims the death is caused by filthy gutters – which he said are evil spirits.

Mayor, who is known for his gospel hit “Yesu Ma Me Anigye”, believes cleanliness leads to Godliness, and filth can sometimes cause hindrances to our prayers reaching God.

“Prayers of Ghanaians are not being answered because of choked and smelly gutters in our towns and cities, causing loss of lives in our country as a result of floods,” he claimed in a press statement. “We usually call it natural disasters but it’s so sad and annoying especially when we all know the solution. For decades this same flood story keeps knocking on the doors of the people of Ghana.”

Mayor explained that in the ancient days good smell played vital roles in prayers. He cited the use of incense burning for prayers and further linked to smelly gutters which block our chances of getting heard by God.

He claims it “creates a more friendly environment for the Holy Spirit. God the father, son and Holy spirit are clean therefore it loves to dwell in a clean and good scented environment.”

He adds: “Uncovered choked gutters across our cities and towns are unpleasant for our body, soul and mind to be productive. Thus, it will only empower evil spirits to dwell, operate and block our prayers.”

Mayor urged the government to implement measures and policies which will ensure our gutters are cleaned, covered and linked in order to prevent flood and various deadly diseases and sicknesses like malaria and cholera.

The vocalist is currently on a clean Ghana campaign with his latest afrobeats/reggae jam titled “Keep Ghana Clean”.

Watch the full music video below.

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