PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Kwami Sefa Kayi donates incubator to 37 Military Hospital

Kwami Sefa-Kayi donates incubator to 37 Military Hospital
Kwami Sefa-Kayi donates incubator to 37 Military Hospital

Media personality and broadcast journalist Kwami Sefa Kayi continues his fight for the lives of preterm babies in Ghana as he donates yet another brand-new incubator to 37 Military Hospital in Accra.

The host of “Kokrokoo” on Peace FM together with his Kokrokoo Charity team on Thursday, May 30, donated to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) ward at the 37 Military Hospital.

This donation was made necessary by his primary school mates — Garrison Primary School 1982 class.

He said they donated an amount of USD 10,000 (equivalent to GHC 53,000) to purchase the new incubator.


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Chairman General Kwami Sefa-Kayi donates 31st incubator (out of 100 promised incubators) to 37 Military Hospital.

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“One reason why I’m very excited about this donation is that my primary school mates donated the money to purchase this incubator,” clearly enthused Kwami Sefa Kayi told the press during the presentation. “So, my biggest appreciation goes to my primary school mates for easing $10,000 dollars to support my project.”

On what influenced his decision to donate to the 37 Military Hospital, he said the health facility is the biggest in his community (Burma Camp) and the fact that he has a military background.

“We chose 37 [Military Hospital] because most of us were born by military men and attended schools at Burma Camp. And everyone at Burma Camp can attest that 37 is the biggest health facility and the best. I was born at 37, including the donors, so we decided to donate here.”

His next destination is the Komfo Teaching Hospital and Agogo in the Ashanti region.

He advised pregnant women to seek proper healthcare during their pregnancy to avoid future misfortunes.

“For pregnant women, it will be of a great benefit to seek a proper healthcare during pregnancy. You do not need to attend 37 Military Hospital to validate my advice. There are equally good hospitals around to seek healthcare when pregnant.”

“Don’t sit at home and rely on your intelligence to deliver safely. If you deliver a preterm baby at home, you might lose it. But if you deliver at hospitals where incubators are available, you might save your baby.”

The Kokrokoo Charity was established three years ago with the aim of donating 100 incubators to Ghanaian hospitals. And so far, they have achieved 31 per cent of their target. Their latest donation is the 31st since they started.


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