Love Aid Foundation gives charity to the less privileged on the street


Love Aid foudation team posed with benefitiaries

Love Aid Foundation, a non-governmental organization, on Monday, April 15th took to the streets of 37 and Shiashie, Accra-Ghana, to give charity to the needy on the streets.

The organization gave out food and clothing to children, mothers and persons with disabilities who needed help and support. They also gave orientation to teenage girls and mothers on the sustainable development goals 4 (quality education) and goal 8 (decent work and economic growth).

Love Aid foundation charity on the streets
Love Aid foundation charity on the streets
Love Aid foundation charity on the streets

As an organization that advocates for change in Ghanaian Education, Health Care, Gender Issues etc, this initiative was one of their many charitable works aimed at reaching this goal. They put up these initiatives to also discover the real issues in our society so as to create awareness and to inform Government and key stake holders, to bring developments and solutions that directly handle the situations.

Love Aid foundation charity on the streets

The organization believes we can all help in achieving the sustainable development goals therefore, making donations and giving out support (financially, physically, emotionally, economically) to the less privileged in the country, one community, district, school, hospital,….. at a time, is their way of helping achieve this global goal. Happy citizens make a happy country after all.

Love Aid foundation charity on the streets

If you wish to support Love Aid Foundation to be able to reach out to more, contact them on the number below and through their social media platforms.




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