I’ve been a chronic weed smoker for 6 years – rapper D-Black’s manager confesses

John Hermit and D-Black
John Hermit and D-Black

Young aspiring politician and business manager for rapper D-Black, John Hermit has disclosed that he has been a ‘chronic’ weed smoker for six years.

But after considering the effects it has had on his life, he decided to call it quits.

According to him, he was ‘so obsessed with weed and loved it, and thought it brought him so much joy and happiness.’

John, who has worked with Black Avenue Muzik label for years and recently declared his political aspiration, made this revelation through a Facebook post on Sunday, April 7.

To make his quitting beneficial to other ‘chronic’ smokers, he has written his experience in a book called “Breaking Up With Mary Jane” which is set to launch on Friday, April 26.

Narrating his story, he said: “I’ve been a chronic smoker for about six (6) years. I finally took a bold step to let go of Marijuana which in this book has been referred to as a lady named Mary Jane.

I was obsessed with her, I loved her and thought she brought me so much joy and happiness. I remember swearing I was going to smoke for the rest of my life.

Gratefully, it’s a different story now. Marijuana isn’t really good for our wellbeing. I hope this book is able to inspire someone and help them abandon our favourite friend and lover Mary Jane.

Although quitting marijuana use may seem impossible, I wish to help people understand they can do it without necessarily compromising their contemporary lifestyle.

Launching “Breaking Up With Mary Jane” on my birthday – Friday 26th April.”

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