Salma Mumin apologises to fans for her sultry watermelon photo – says it was photoshopped

Salma Mumin's sultry watermelon birthday photo shot
Salma Mumin’s sultry watermelon birthday photo shot

Actress, Salma Mumin turned a year older on Friday, December 14th and among her birthday photos was a sultry shot which she took in a bath tub full of watermelons.

The photo trended for days with many people bashing her for it and most of her fans felt disappointed by it.

She has however taken to her Instagram page today, to apologise to her fans for the damage. According to her, she was fully clothed but “a lot of photoshop was done on editing bench”.

“Wasn’t my intention to disappoint my loved ones out here. I sincerely ask for yall forgiveness”, she wrote. She has also deleted the photo from her page.

If you’ve not seen the ‘watermelon’ photo yet, see it below and her entire apology post.

Salma Mumin birthday photo shoot
Salma Mumin’s watermelon birthday photo shot



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