Govt explains why there are power outages in some parts of the country



Over the past few days, some parts of the country have been experiencing intermittent power supply. This has caused some Ghanaians to express the view that a load shedding exercise, popularly known as Dumsor might be resurfacing.

However, the Government has dismissed claims that Dumsor has returned. According to the Deputy Minister of Energy, the recent power outages experienced in some parts of the country was as a result of some technical challenges.

Speaking in a radio interview with Accra-based Citi FM on Monday, the Deputy Energy Minister, Mr William Owuraku Aidoo assured that the problems had been solved.

Deputy Minister of Energy in charge of Power Mr William Owuraku Aidoo

“We had two major challenges happening at the same time which culminated into this rather unfortunate power outage that we’ve been suffering. But I’m happy to announce that the problems have been solved and going forward we shouldn’t be having power outages.”

“We had a problem with the supply of gas as a result of some challenges with a machine at the Sankofa field and around about the same time, the Nigerians were also doing some pigging, which in English means cleaning of the pipeline which is a normal scheduled maintenance but unfortunately, when they tried to hook us onto the supply again, they experienced a major fault which resulted in the inability of the company to supply gas to the Tema enclave,” he said.

Giving further explanations, Mr Aidoo said the Kar Power Plant was also faced with some technical challenges which have been resolved.

“I mean, all these came in at the same time which is very unusual. But now Kar Power has about 230 megawatts and they are still hoping to go up to the maximum of about 450 megawatts.”


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