Elikem Kumordzie’s ex-wife, Pokello Nare shows off new man

Pokello Nare with her new man
Pokello Nare and her new man

It seems Elikem Kumordzie’s ex-wife Pokello Nare had moved on from their marriage way longer than we even thought as it turns out, she has been in a relationship for a year now.

Apparently, whiles she and Elikem were battling divorce in court, she already had a new man. The Zimbabwean star took to her Instagram page a few days ago to celebrate one year anniversary with her new boo.

She posted a picture and a video of them booed up and wrote “Some uniqueness in a world full of actors. #365daysandloadin #WhataYearItHasBeen #ToMakingMemories”.

Clearly, the message Pokello is putting across is, Elikem was not real in their years of relationship.

The two were married for three years and have a son together. They were recently battling divorce in court but now that Pokello is showing off her new man, could that mean everything is finalised and they are officially divorced?

See her post below

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