Worlasi recorded our collab in 40 minutes, Ayat, others did great – AJ Nelson talks about “Africa Rise” album features

AJ Nelson
AJ Nelson

Rapper AJ Nelson has discussed how he worked with Worlasi, Ayat, Cabum and others on his upcoming “Africa Rise” album.

AJ Nelson has meticulously explained why he featured artistes like Worlasi, Ayat, Cabum, US Grammys contributing producer and rapper Ohene Savant and others on his album.

The former GH Brothers label signee recently released the official tracklist and credit for his upcoming debut album.

The album, which was announced last month, has been tipped to be one of the best albums produced in 2018.

On October 18, the “Faith” rapper dropped the official cover artwork for the album, attracting good critiques from industry people. “Africa Rise” album has 16 songs with collaborations from local and international artistes.




The hip-hop artiste was asked what influenced his selection of featured artistes on the album and he replied: “I have always been an artiste who’s fascinated about music with great content, so anytime I’m working on a song or recording a song which needs a feature, I look out for artistes that are in the same lane as me or share the same ideology as me when it comes to music. Not just any artiste, you can check my past features”.

He said it was not easy at all to reach out to them because some gave him tangible excuses and others honoured him and called him back.

AJ also spoke about how hectic it had been working on the record because 70% of the tracks on the album had to be made with live instruments. And getting all the artistes to come on board to play was no joke.


The artiste spoke candidly about the artistes he featured on his album by saying they all gave their all.

He said: “It took Worlasi less than 40 minutes to record his vocals and send it to me. Ayat is another, I mean everyone did great and I appreciate their contribution”.

“Africa Rise” album will be launched on Friday, November 23 at Keep Fit Club in Dansoman, Accra. It will be released on online music stores, Aftown and Play Africa.

Written by Dorothy Bessie Blankson

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