Meet Ben Adu, the Gospel musician touching lives with music and medicine

Ben Adu
Ben Adu

God is no respecter of persons when he wants his job done; the preaching of the word to the masses and regardless of your profession, once he settles on you, you do his work in bringing many close to the throne of glory.

As someone in the medical field, Ben Adu appreciates the important role medicine plays in healing the sick but as a Gospel musician, he knows words are equally powerful for the well being of individuals.

The native of Fawoade in the Ashanti Region started out as a Gospel musician first before ending up as a Physician’s Assistant but has been able to combine the two because to him, they are all forms of healing.

It’s been almost two decades of doing music (with three albums) and practising as a Physician Assistant at the SDA Hospital in Agona Asamang and Ben Adu says, he is fulfilling his “destiny calling”.

“Personally, I think that a doctor and a musician have a similar calling which is to heal. While medicine heals physically, music heals the soul and so both improve the well-being of people,” he said.

Ben Adu
Ben Adu

Ben Adu is certainly not alone on this path. Reggae artiste, Dr Knii Lante of the Trust Hospital has been juggling his duties as a medical doctor with music, while gospel sensation, Diana Hamilton is also on the same path in the UK.

The ‘Yehia Wo’ singer said although the job of a medical practitioner is round the clock as they can be called for duty at any time, he is still committed to dedicating more time to his music in line with his mission of “healing the downhearted.”

“Music is my first love and this time around, I want to give it more of my time because there are people who are sick spiritually and need equal attention too,” he said.

His decision is what has inspired the move to release his fourth album titled, Fame Si Yie in the coming weeks.

The 10-track album has songs such as ‘W’ahye Me Bo’, ‘Unmerited Favour’, I’ Was nobody, Lift Me Up’, ‘Awurade Soma’, ‘Yehia Wo’, ‘Bribiara Enso No Ye’, ‘Ex-Life’ and ‘Mighty God.’

Real name, Benjamin Adobofour, he nurtured his talent by performing at various churches before joining the music industry in 2000 with his first album and he says his goal is “to preach the salvation of Christ”.

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