Take some style tips from these stylish looks served by male stars

King Promise with a super stylish casual look

Some male stars got style and they rock some of the most stylish looks that are to love and worth an inspiration.

So we have curated some of the fine looks we came across, served by some male stars that are super stylish, to give our male readers some style inspiration. We got you like that.

From King Promise’s nice casual in his normal shorts and sneakers, to Trigmatic’s casual with a touch of sleek look, Paul Okoye’s swaggy hood look, Toosweet’s fine kaftan look, we are loving these looks these male stars are serving.

Scrool through the photos below and take some style tips from these stylish looks from male stars.

Trigmatic serving a sleek casual look – and we loving it.
King Promise serving super stylish casual look
Paul Okoye with the stylish swaggy hood look
Coded (4×4) with the sleek suit on jeans style
Eddie Watson on a fine casual look
Toosweet Annang giving yall some fine kaftan style inspiration



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