KNUST: Unity Hall management sanctions students for harbouring mates of opposite sex during prohibited hours

The management of the Unity Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has taken an action against some students of the Hall who were found to be harbouring their friends of the opposite sex in their rooms during prohibited hours. The other listed students in a release were also found in the rooms of their friends of the opposite sex during prohibited hours.

The management of the Unity Hall, affectionately called Continental/Conti Hall explained that they decided to temper a strict application of the University rules with mercy considering the remorse and apology shown by the accused students and therefore caused them to sign an Undertaking to be of good behaviour throughout their stay in the Unity Hall. The University further cautioned all other residents of the Hall not to engage in any similar act in order to avoid facing the maximum sanctions.

The release indicating the action taken against the CONTI students

In a reaction to the Unity Hall’s notice, a number of Twitter users have been ridiculing the University. Some of such tweets are provided below:

Others are also of the view, that this development is nothing strange or new because the rule has been in existence for a long time and the Hall management is only enforcing it.


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