Tracy shares post wedding photos with Titi; shows off expensive wedding ring

Tracy showing off wedding ring in photo with Titi

Tracy, wife of Sarkodie is showing off her wedding ring in this post-wedding photos with their daughter Titi. Well, we did not get a close-up view of the ring from all the wedding pictures so ok Mrs Owusu.

She shared some photos having a mom and daughter time with Titi, and in one photo, her ring finger was all up in our face as she clearly shows off the diamond rock – but we are not complaining because I mean, if you wait 11 years to finally get the ring, you would probably show it off and even in major ways than this.

Tracy and Titi’s mom and daughter time is absolutely cuteness overload in these photos and we like the ring show off.

Sarkodie and Tracy got married a few weeks ago in a beautiful Traditional and White wedding ceremony.

See the ring in the photos below.

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