“He slid into my DM” – Sister Derby and Medikal narrate how their love story started



Deborah and Medikal in ‘Too risky’ music video

Lovebirds Deborah Vanessa and Medikal were in an interview together on Joy Fm’s ‘Cosmopolitan Mix’ with Sammy Forson and they shared the story of how their love story started.

Sister Derby narrated that their first ever encounter was when Medikal retweeted a tweet of her clapping back at someone on twitter but he later slid into her DM for work stuff.

“We met on twitter”, Deborah said. “He saw me clapping back at someone. He retweeted and said herh you fool waaa. He later slid into my DM for work stuff”, she added.

Deborah and Medikal looking cute together

Medikal added that they later met in a studio and that is when he took her number and then they kicked things off from there.

“I later met her at a radio station so I took her number and we worked things out..”, he said.

The two have been dating for two years now and they have stated that though people are thinking their relationship wont last, they are actually looking at it long term and hoping to tie the knot someday  and make a family- since Medikal has now re-affirmed that his tweet of never getting married was just a joke.


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