Musicians who are members of MUSIGA dont fight for the real issues unless they are not making hits – Eshun

Singer/songwriter Eshun

Beautiful and talented singer and songwriter, eShun, has waded into the discussion about the lack of unity among Ghanaian Musicians, which has been described as one of the setbacks in the Ghanaian Music Industry.

Speaking on the Monday edition of ‘Rhythmz’ on GHOne TV, the ‘Someone Loves Me’ crooner expressed her disappointments in the seemingly lack of unity among Ghanaian musicians to help bring changes that will make them well off.

“We are not united for our collective growth. Its always each one for him or herself, God for us all,” eShun said.

She also added that since they dont get any royalties whatsoever from radio and TV plays or get any money from downloads, she believes if they all unite and put their voices together, they could make a change.

“You don’t get paid from the content that you put out by way of sales from download or royalty that we should be getting from the radio and TV plays. The only source of income for the musician in Ghana now is when you are booked for shows. That also happens only when you have the hit songs. But if we the musicians are united for our collective good, I am sure we would fight and bring the changes that will safe guard our future”, she explained.

She also added that, most musicinas are not a part of the Musician association and even those who are part dont care about the real issues that need to be tackled to make life better for them, unless they are not making hit. That is when they fight on the problems in the industry, and that is not going to help.

“Most of us don’t even join the music associations and if we join, we don’t care about the real issues that we need to push to build the structures for the betterment of the Ghanaian Musician. We are okay so long as we are the ones having the hits songs. The moment we don’t have the hit songs again, then we start talking about the problems with the industry”, she expressed.

Eshun concluded that if musicians get paid for their downloads and plays, they can also pay their people and everyone will be happy, and that will encourage people to invest in a musician knowing they wont be at a loss.

“If the Musician get paid for all downloads and music played on Radio and TV, we all will be fine and we would then be able to pay our makeup artist, producers, instrumentalist, promoters, and the many more people that every musician needs. Then more people will be ready to invest in the musician since they can be sure of getting back their investment with profit.” she said.

eShun is currently promoting her new song “I Want” but she disclosed that, she will soon be releasing another single titled “Akyiah” on Wednesday, 22nd August.



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