‘I forgive Don Little, he lied when he said I denied him a job’ – Funny Face

Funny Face

Ghanaian Comedian Funny Face has cleared the air on the tension that has been brewing between him and fellow actor Don Little, by claiming he has already forgiven him, whiles denying accusations he has been denying Don movie roles.

Our Instagram page Ghanafuodotcom posted a video that Don Little made, in which he tearfully begged Funny Face ton forgive him of anything he may have done to him.

Don Little claims due to not being on good terms with the comedian, movie directors close to Funny Face no longer gave him any roles in their productions which has led to a huge financial blow.

Don Little

Funny Face replied on our post and said: “@ghanafuodotcom Bro I have forgiven him long time and what he is saying abt some work is a lie .. anyway is past and gone … so no need to say certain things .. 🙏🙏 Nipa nso y3 dien ? 😁💃 6ft

Watch Don Little’s video below:

This was his reply to the post:


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