Check out photos from Becca’s bachelorette tea party -It was all glamour and beautiful

Becca and her girls served fineness for the bachelorette party

If you thought singer, Becca, (now Mrs Sanni-Daniel) went ahead with her big day without a bridal shower, you thought wrong.

Just like most brides these days, Becca did have a bachelorette party – which seemed like it was a surprise for her, and they took to IG today to share photos from the shower

It was attended by a few friends of the singer, including actresses, Zynnell Zuh and Soraya Mensah and from the cake(which we cant get over), to the food, the red and white colour theme and how gorgeous the ladies slayed for the occassion, Becca’ s bachelorette party was definitely an awesome one.

So scroll through the photos below and take a look at all the beautiful moments in photos from the party.

The cake! How cool was It?
Becca looked simply beautiful for her shower
Looks like she was surprised
Awwww! Tears of joy
It sure was a fun-filled shower party
They all served gorgeous style

Ladies in red

Becca with Soraya Mensah
Becca posed with Zynnell and Rebecca Donkor

And the food



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