Wendy Shay’s mansion and cars all fake?

Wendy Shay
Wendy Shay

When you want to live a flashy lifestyle, you must as well make sure you can afford them, says Wendy Shay’s haters.

Uber Driver hit-maker and Ghanaian dancehall/afrobeat artiste Wendy Shay has been branded as a liar and fake for showing off a mansion and flashy cars in a recent viral video that is allegedly not hers.

The Rufftown Records artist in a recent video was seen showing off a luxuries apartment with equally luxuries cars of which she claimed ownership.

The video left her fans in awe, with others also keen to know how she was able to afford such luxury seeing as she is very young and has not been long in the industry.

Well, now gossip website Those Called Celebs today July 6, posted a chat with a source on Instagram who claims the house was never for the artist, but rather a place they used to gather and break their fasts every evening during the past Ramadan.

Read the excerpt below and share your views with us.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, Ghanafuo.

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