Stylist, Chic Ama is schooling us on how to slay casually chic in camo – totally goals

Camo style have been in vogue for awhile now and many style and trend lovers have been spotted rocking it one way or another.

But not everyone can slay the camo right and style blogger and stylist, Chic Ama is teaching us just how to slay is with a bang.

Chic Ama is one the most stylish style bloggers and influencers on Instagram, slaying our lives away and serving style all day everyday. And this camo look she is serving today is totally giving us the perfect slay goals.

She is serving us casually chic slay inspiration in this camo shorts, cap and kimono over her cute ‘girlboss’ top, with a matching heels and belt. And her purse is to have.

We are totally in love with this look. Tell us if you will rock it, and to where.

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