See which celebrity was present at Bibi Bright’s marriage ceremony and who wore what


A couple of celebrities and known personalities graced the marriage ceremony of actress, Bibi Bright’s on Saturday and as you all know they do as always, they came in glamour and style.

Present at the ceremony included Zynell Zuh, Selley Galley and her husband Cartel BJ, James Gardiner, Kwame A-plus, Salman Mumin, Gloria Sarfo, Toosweet Anang among many others, and they all didn’t come to play.

It was an all-white affair for the dressing code and each one came to slay and serve gorgeous and awe-inspiring wedding guest style inspirations.

From Zynell’s ‘steal the bride’s shine’ gown, to Salman’s no-hand lace dress, Gloria’s simple floral designed dress and Toosweet’s sleek look, scroll through the photos below to check out who was at Bibi’s marriage ceremony and the wedding and what they wore to slay.


Zynnell Zuh
Salman Mumin
Selley Galley
Gloria Sarfo
Benedicta Gaffah
Moesha Boudong
James Gardiner, Salman, Princess Shyngle
Bibi with Princess Shyngle
Bibi with Benedicta Gaffah
Toosweet, Zynnell, Gloria Sarfo
Bibi with Peter Ritchie


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