‘Sakawa would have given me wealth, Radio was a waste’ – Pope Skinny

                                                                                                                    Pope Skinny

The Asuoden God, rapper and radio-host Pope Skinny has finally revealed why he took a breather from hosting Kasahari, a rap show on Adom Fm that has produced several known artistes in Ghana.

In a recent interview on Kasapa FM with Kwame Bee on Di Wu Lane Mu show, Pope Skinny admitted he had taken the long break due to the unprofitable nature of the radio business.

He claimed he wasn’t seeing any better results and couldn’t boast of any tangible properties after 8 years hosting shows.

Pope Skinny on the Kasahari Show

He said he couldn’t make claim to any mansions or cars after serving as host for 8 years so decided to take the long break.

He’s quoted as telling Kwame Bee: “As a youth, you can’t be doing something for a very long time without seeing results. I’ve been on the radio for eight years, I can’t boast of a house or a car I bought with what I earned from radio. If it was Sakawa I was doing, I would have accomplished a lot after Eight years.

He did add that he would soon be making a comeback to radio, at a convenient time.


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