Outrageous!!! National Health Insurance Authority used Ghc10,000 of NHIS money to sponsor Honorable Adwoa Sarfo study ‘Women And Leadership’ in Harvard

Hon. Sarah Adwoa Safo (MP for Dome-Kwabenya Constituency)

Ghanafuo.com can exclusively reveal that the National Health Insurance Authority, the body heading the ailing NHIS scheme were contacted to fund the sponsorship of the MP for Dome-Kwabenya and Procurement Minister, Honorable Sarah Adwoa Safo, with over GHC10,000 to undergo training on Women And Leadership.

This revelation came after a letter sent from the office of the Honourable Minister and Member of Parliament was chanced upon by an account on social media site Twitter by user @JohnTerryTresh.

In the letter, written to the Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Authority, Honourable Sarah Adwoa Safo wrote:

“I write in respect of the above subject-matter. I wish to attend an Executive Program on Women and Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School from 29th April to 4th May 2018. As chairperson of the Women Caucus in Parliament, this program would enlighten and enhance my knowledge in leadership and governance. I would be grateful if you could assist with the cost of tuition of Eight Thousand, Five Hundred US Dollars($8,500), cost of an air ticket and accommodation. Kindly find attached copy of relevant document for your information. Hope my request is favourably considered.

Many Thanks.

Yours Faithfully.

Honorable Sarah Adwoa Safo (MP Dome-Kwabenya).”

As to how the Health sector of the country is responsible for an MP going to study Women and Leadership, it is a wild guess.

The National Health Authority which is in charge of the failing National Health Insurance Scheme has been recently accused of corrupt practices and the failure to strengthen the Health Insurance Scheme by pushing monies into it which is gradually leading to its collapse.

This leaked letter will certainly raise eyebrows as to what the monies of the Ghanaian citizenry paying for better health and not getting it are being used for.

Issues of inadequate ambulances and lack of hospital beds but to name a few are mounting troubles against the NHIA and now they issue this huge some to sponsor a well-paid government official.

Read the leaked letter below. Share your views with us.

Leaked letter by Hon. sarah Adwoa Safo to the CEO of the NHIA

Ghanafuo.com will keep you updated on this development.


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