‘I didn’t remove any organs with surgery, I enhanced my waist with trainers’ – Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle

The curvy actress with the hour-glass figure, Princess Shyngle has emphatically denied reports she had removed parts of her organs in other to get her very slim waist and figure.

Rumors have been rife that the actress and Instagram model had gone under the knife to get her mind-boggling hour-glass shaped body.

But she came out firing in an interview with Showbiz presenter MzGee, she doesn’t really listen to what people say, and that her waist was all natural because she only uses waist trainers and a strict exercising routine.

Actress Princess Shyngle with her hour-glass figure

She also added she was looking forward to having kids soon, to further shut up those who think she has removed some organs to get her tiny waist.

In the same interview, she also said she was very proud of her achievements as a filmaker.

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