Here’s what inspired Shatta Wale’s upcoming album “The Reign”


Shatta Wale

Musician Shatta Wale has revealed the inspiration behind his upcoming “The Reign” album.

The Shatta Movement Empire/Family label frontman made the revelation in a Facebook post Sunday, July 1.

He was celebrating his daughter’s birthday when he revealed what inspired his upcoming highly anticipated album.

According to the “Gringo” hitmaker, the mother of his only daughter Charissa was in labour while he was looking for a single room to rent to shelter his new family.

While in search of the room, he received a phone call from his mother confirming the birth of his daughter.

Shatta Wale's daughter Charrisa
Shatta Wale’s daughter Charrisa

“I felt drops of rain (Reign),” he divulged, linking his emotions to his upcoming album.

His full post reads (unedited): “I was looking for a room when your mother was in the labour ward ..I got a call so I came out of the room I went seeing .. Then I felt drops of Rain (REIGN ) on my body whilst on the phone listening to my mother telling me Junior junior you got a yourself beautiful baby girl ,come ,hurry ,come.. .. I saw you beside your mum and the only NAME that came in mind in the search of a single room was NHYIRA (BLESSING)..I have seen blessings upon blessings and your generations after me will have that blessing and the love and favor of God shall follow you all the days of your life.”

The album is set to drop this year. promises to bring you all the updates about the album.


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