“When you bring out your new song give it to those you invited”, Criss Waddle Tells Sarkodie

As we all know, Sarkodie and Tracy’s wedding was strictly by invitation and they made sure the list was as short as possible so not every industry friend was invited and it seems Criss Wadle is not happy about not making it to the list.

Sarkodie released official photos from their wedding yesterday and on Twitter, as everyone came under the photos to comment with congratulatory messages, rapper, Criss Waddle did too.

But as he congratulated Sark he asked that when the rapper releases a new song, he should make sure to give to those he invited to his wedding. “ Congrats tho but when you bring out ur new song, give am to those you invited”, he wrote, and added a not-so-happy face emoji to it.

Is Criss waddle is just kidding with this comment? Well, he might say he is, but for us, we sense some unhappiness in here. A Sark fan, however, responded under Criss Waddle’s comment and his response got us laughing. Sark it yet to reply but we will bring you to update when he does.

See the thread below.

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