The Orijinal 7 wonders at Tidal Rave 2018

The Orijinal 7 wonders at Tidal Rave
The Orijinal 7 wonders at Tidal Rave

Tidal Rave 2018 is the place where acquaintances fast become friends, old friends reconnect as if they never left and new ones, find ways to relate like old blood.

With over 10,000 people jamming, raving and having the time of their lives, Orijinal moments can never be far from the list of experiences and this year, Orijin promises to take a notch higher.

Now, let’s do a count of the 7 wonders Orijin is bringing to bear this year.

1. The Orijin Boombox
There’s no jam without dope selection, which doesn’t happen without dope DJs, and therefore for the first time, the boom box will not only be the spot for all the music leading the fun and games but also the rave arena where party lovers get to show they are young, wild and free.

2. The Hanging Frames
Experiences that leave you wondering how and why are what we are aiming for this year. They will come in all shapes and sizes and will definitely blow you away starting with the hanging frames that will allow you to just live your vanity, take pictures, and have them encrusted into the list of Instagram classics.

3. The Butterfly Wings
The vanity game will be a notch higher this year as we bring on wings that allow you to show all your stunts and moves. We’ve got you covered for on the gram or the snap.

4. Orijin for The Road
Relaxing doesn’t come any better than with a bottle that sets you free, heighten your mood for adventure and sets your taste buds on fire for the road trip ahead of the beach party and concert. So, from Accra Mall to the house, all your drinks will be on Orijin.

5. The Orijin Zone
We are putting together a dome experience that will get you and the geng hanging and banging, since you’ll be younging, living and jamming.

6. Castles at the Beach
The fantasies and fairytales don’t end with the butterflies or hanging frames, we are also building castles just to bring home the whole royale feel.

7. Carnival Girls
If you can’t go to the Caribbean for the holidays, we are bringing the Caribbean to you. Feathered ladies, clad in glittery petals to spice up your experience.

Etch your experience into a piece of history that shall be recounted over and over for weeks on end. It’s 7 wonders woven together to complete a perfect July Saturday. Orijin Tidal Rave 2018 is for the brave and the adventurous, do you have what it takes to answer that call?


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