#NSMQ: Mfantsipim School defeats Presec-Legon and KNUST SHS to qualify for Semi-Finals

National Science and Maths Quiz
National Science and Maths Quiz

The Kwabotwe Boys from Mfantsipim School today defeated their counterparts from Presec-Legon and KNUST SHS after scoring 50 points and advanced to the Semi-finals of the Ghana National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) competition, held at the University of Ghana Business School auditorium today June 28.

The mouth-watering contest pitted together three of the best performing schools in this year’s senior high school quiz competition which is celebrating its 25th year running.

David Ansa Bel and James Owusu Appiah for Mfantsipim School

Representing Mfantsipim School was David Ansa Bel and James Owusu Appiah. Presec-Legon were also represented by Yawson Samuel Kofi Offei and Wullar Nathaniel Kweku. KNUST SHS was also represented by Baako Mathias and Ackah Derrick.

Yawson Samuel Kofi Ofei and Wullar Nathaniel Kweku for Presec-Legon

The host for the contest was, as usual, the impeccable biomedical engineer Dr. Elsie Kaufmann.

Baako Mathias and Ackah Derrick of KNUST SHS

Round one ended in spectacular style as Mfantsipim School laid down the marker of how the contest will go with a commanding lead of 24 points. Presec and KNUST had 17 and 09 points respectively.

Then came the Speed Game of which all the schools were extremely careful as to not be deducted marks for wrong answers. Mfantsipim answered the first 2 questions correctly whiles Presec lost points for wrong answers with KNUST SHS attempting none of them. All 3 schools were deducted points for answering the fifth question wrongly. Mfantsipim subsequently won the second round again, pushing up to 31 points, Presec and KNUST had 11 each.

Section of Mfantsipim students celebrating

Then came Problem Of The Dayof which the maximum points is 10 marks. Presec-Legon won this round, however, getting 4 whiles Mfantsipim and KNUST had 3 and 2 marks respectively. Round 3 ended with the score at Mfantsipim School: 34pts Presec, Legon: 15pts KNUST SHS: 13pts.

Presec-Legon students react to lost points

At the fourth and final round, Both Mfantsipim school and Presec-Legon answered 2 riddles each correctly with KNUST SHS getting only one correct.

At the end of the contest, the final scores read Mfantsipim School: 50pts Presec, Legon: 34pts KNUST SHS: 20pts

Kwaabotwe boys celebrating their win

Each school got cash prices each for their participation in the competition. Mfantsipim school had Ghc1000, Presec-Legon got Ghc680 and KNUST SHS had Ghc400 to take back home.

The National Science & Maths Quiz promotes the study of the Sciences & Maths while fostering Healthy Academic rivalry among Senior High Schools.


Sponsors GCB present cash price to winners Mfantsipim School

The next contest is between Aburi Girls SHS, Ghana National College, and University Practice SHS.

It will be held later in the day to determine who faces Mfantsipim School in the semi-finals.


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